Top 10 Tasks For Property Manager Virtual Assistant

HouseWith a growing number of Property

Managers choosing to hire a Virtual  Executive Assistant, we thought it was time to do a Top 10 list of what services help property managers the most!

Key tasks you can outsource to your own Virtual Executive Assistant:

  • Email Management – Let someone else deal with spam and low-level emails so you can focus on what is truly important.
  • Phone Enquiries – Have a landline? Redirect it to your assistant so that they can answer calls, take notes and get matters resolved quickly.
  • Reconciling – Have your virtual assistant reconcile tenant payments and sort out those annoying monthly water bills via the online system.
  • Website & Social Media Management – Having trouble finding time to update your website or social media accounts? Have your new team member add articles, stories and updated content to your pages to keep those rankings boosted, and your hands free for other important tasks.
  • CRM Updating – Create incredible customer relationships by monitoring and quantifying your most important client data, then having your assistant regularly update and manage points of contact.
  • Calendar Management – Your time is gold. Between viewings, signings, and meetings, use your Virtual Assistant to get your calendar under control.
  • Errands & On the Run Tasks – Since your Virtual Assistant is always at hand, you can easily text, photo or voice message them on the go to handle small, but urgent, assignments.
  • Rental Arrears – They can email and phone or SMS tenants to follow up individual tenants as needed to manage basic rental arrears.
  • Hiring and Maintenance –  When something needs to get fixed quickly, let your Virtual Assistant handle it. They can organise the work, speak with the landlord, and make sure the process happens smoothly.
  • Late Night Work –  Many property managers choose to have their virtual staff member work a 12 – 9.30 pm shift to manage after-hours calls while you’re at home with the family.


These are just the Top 10 tasks Virtual Assistants can perform for property managers. Want more? Grab a FREE digital copy of our latest book which gives you 101 Ways Your Virtual Assistant Will Change Your Business.

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