Top 10 Tasks A Mortgage Adviser Can Use A Virtual Assistant

As an mortgage adviser your best role is being in front of more clients, not organising direct debit changes or appointments in your calendar.

You grow your business by getting out networking and providing excellent service that leads to referrals.

A virtual assistants work remotely and are a key part of your team. By taking away a variety of time consuming tasks that are handled on a computer or a phone you are free to do what you love and what builds your business.

With our experience in placing virtual assistants in the mortgage industry, we have taken some time to speak to our top performers and ask what they use their virtual assistant for:

    1. The Settlement Follow Up Process

Have your assistant manage the process after a loan is settled. From following up 7 days after the loan has settled all the way up to the 1 year review.

The more touches that are made the less likely a claw back in commission (which can be 1 – 3 years) and the more likely you can cross sell and find additional lending needs.

    1. Transcriptions

When walking out of a meeting you are in the best state to put together your notes for the file. It can be hard when you are on the road or have a short period between meetings to put these together.

With our your virtual assistant you are able to use a tool we have to take a voice recording of the note, which is instantly sent to your assistant to transcribe, add to your crm and can even be turned into a cover note.

    1. Supporting Documents

The bane of many mortgage advisers lives is the need to track down payslips, proof of deposit and other documents. Have your assistant do the chasing so you can focus on doing the high value tasks.

    1. Chasing The Banks

Submitted a loan 3 – 5 days ago and have heard nothing? Your assistant can touch base with the person at the bank and lightly follow up where the loan is at. This is a simple system you can put in place to get some great results.

    1. On The Road Tasks

When you are out and about tasks pop up – easily pass these to your assistant, maybe you need to reschedule a meeting, set a reminder for something you need to finish, maybe you need rates from a bank requested.

Just give your assistant a short voice message, picture or text message and they are able to get it done. Don’t store all those tasks to the end of the day.

    1. Re-Fixes

An essential when it comes to keep your clients happy and getting paid for them. Your assistant can manage the process of emailing your client, getting rates from the bank, organising a short call for you with the client to build rapport and actioning the request.

Many advisers we have found have used these tasks as a way to fund their assistant.

    1. Thank You Gifts

One of the best ways to give your clients a great experience is to send a gift when the deal is done. Have your assistant organise and order a cake or something similar for your client on settlement.

It puts you front of mind and they will tell more people about the great service you provide.

    1. CRM Updating

A tedious task keeping all your records updated with the latest information, let your assistant do this. You know this is the most valuable asset in your business but you should not be the one looking after it.

Let your assistant learn and take over the management of your CRM. This can usually provide lots of work initially for your assistant to do to learn your client base.

    1. C Client Review Calls

We always recommend you are in contact with your A & B clients. But that may leave a list of clients you don’t have time to service.

Your assistant can give them a call and ask 5 – 6 short questions that will let you know if there is a need for you to see them. Saving you time and getting you new opportunities.

Imagine if they uncovered 2 – 3 mortgages you may have missed.

  1. Newsletters & Blog Posts

Whether you write your own articles or get someone to do this – Get your assistant to send it out in your Newsletter and add it to the blog on your website.

Not everyone will read the articles you send out but they will notice your name in the subject line. Staying front of mind is golden in an age of so much information!

These are just 10 of the core tasks many of the Mortgage Brokers & Advisers use their assistants for. They focus on networking and spending time with clients. Imagine if you have 10,15, 20 hours more per week to build your business? Where would it be?


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