Happy Customers

Happy Customers

“The team have been great at finding a virtual assistant that fits my needs. I am finding new ways for her to help grow and improve my business from marketing to admin. I am always open to referring the team as they are fantastic.A+”

Chris Welch, Business Broker

“One of the challenges I have had is working out what to do with my new VA. Her just working at 50% gives me a positive ROI on having her! I can’t wait to fully utilise her skills to the fullest. I have no problem recommending your brilliant work!”

Sam McLennan, Business Coach

“Stephen and his team are highly professional, quick to respond and fantastic to do business with. They don’t set and forget; the service quality is maintained throughout the lenght of the relationship. I recommend my friends and co-workers to Virtual Staff everytime I get a chance. They have transformed my ability to do business. Anyone who is time short, needs to talk to Stephen now.”

Rupert Gough, Mortgage Adviser

“Thanks to the Virtual Staff team for all the hard work in finding my Virtual Assistant. She has been fantastic and we are working like a fluid team. Being quite creative and sales focussed it really allows me to do what I am great at and leave the things I am not. Thanks team!”

Hamish Conway, Business Coach

“ Just want to let you know that my Virtual Assistant is great! I’ve been so busy since I took her on, that I haven’t been able to give her my best attention BUT she is just getting on with her job and sending me great articles.”

Ann Andrews, Professional Speaker

“The team at Virtual Staff have been fantastic. They are very helpful. The recruitment process is very straightforward. The tools that they provide are very effective. The overall process has been helpful.

Most importantly, having a virtual assistant has really helped my business immensely, by providing another staff member who can lighten the load, helped us to do things we have never done before and achieve greater results for our clients.”

Michael Cave, QBG

“I have been using an Adviser Assistant from Virtual Staff for some time now, and have been really happy with the service.

They were able to match someone who suits what I am doing in business, and giving me more time during my week to do the most important things, which are being able to go out and see more clients, which ultimately helps more people become financially secure, and helps my business to generate more revenue.

I would recommend anyone struggling under the administration burden to invest in yourself, and your business and talk to these guys today.”

Mat Page, Financial Design Group