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PocketRent Review – Great Property Management Software

PocketRent Review

People ask us what are some of the key niches we work with when it comes to Virtual Assistants. One of our key niches that we work with are smart Property Managers.Our belief is if we can help property managers to systemise & improve profitability in their businesses, they will want to work with us for a long time. Sound right huh?With that in mind one of the tools we recommend and that we train our Virtual Staff team members on is PocketRent. This little piece of software is fantastic and along with a Virtual Assistant will automate your Property Management business.

PocketRent is a kiwi based company and is really on the rise. It has come off the back of Xero and is the perfect addition for every property manager.

The software manages:

  • Properties
  • Rent Payments
  • Inspections
  • Tenancies
  • You Name It – It Probably Does It!


Imagine a full time personal assistant (for just $299 + GST per week I should add) that can manage all your properties in the cloud?

Imagine being able to manage 200 – 250 properties instead of just 100 – 150? Sound great?

How good does that sound. Take a moment and watch the video below to get a quick feel for the software.

With all our Virtual Assistants you qualify for a 25% discount on PocketRent so get in touch!

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How much will I pay each month?

Virtual Assistants range from $4 – $12 per hour but it depends on what you want them to do. Get a 100% FREE customised Salary report by answering a few quick questions.