Cost Effective Virtual Assistants

Hiring a Virtual Assistant with Virtual Staff: Big Savings for Small Businesses

If you want to see your business grow and thrive to its full potential then hire your very own Virtual Assistant, today!

Hiring a Virtual Assistant is the newest way to add great, cost-effective staffing to your business while still retaining the quality and excellence that your business deserves.

With our dependable virtual assistant services programme, we can pair your kiwi business with staff from our Virtual Assistants NZ team in the Philippines. Your Virtual Assistant will be selected to suit your company and your needs, while still giving you the support of a New Zealand owned company.


Why A Virtual Assistant?

Virtual Assistants / Virtual Assitants NZ / Hire Virtual AssistantsVirtual Assistants are a fantastic option for businesses who want to save their precious time and money for more important things! Businesses do not need a real live, kiwi contact person to do administrative tasks such as answering the phone and managing paperwork.

What they need is a capable person who can handle responsibilities in a way that is cost efficient. With our Virtual Assistant Services this can be closer than you think!

With no long term contracts and no ACC or PAYE to deal with, our reliable staffing approach means that you can leave all the work to us. Our experienced team operates a thorough recruitment process in order to secure the best candidates for your Virtual Assistant NZ position.

Your new Virtual Assistant NZ staff member will be comprehensively trained in time to take on their new position and will continue to receive ongoing advanced training each month, including familiarisation and command of the latest technologies such as Xero, Google Apps, Voxer, Office and more!

Your new Virtual Assistant NZ staff member will also be committed to handling your issues in real-time, and will have a good understanding of local New Zealand phone numbers and cities around your location, to make the transition as smooth as possible.

As well as gaining quality staff, we continue to provide Virtual Assistants NZ support that you can rely on. Our dedicated team of HR specialists are trained to oversee your Virtual Assistants NZ staff member in the Philippines, to give you continuous piece of mind.

Combining resources and skills from New Zealand and the Philippines also allows your business to gain access to great service at a cost that will benefit you.  Outsourcing is a fantastic way to save money and can cost you as little as a quarter of the costs associated with employing staff members in an ‘in-house’ capacity.

It has been estimated that the full weight of employing someone in New Zealand totals around one and a half to two times the wages that are reserved for them.

This takes into account charges associated with recruitment, insurances, taxes, KiwiSaver contributions, office overheads, office set-up, training and more.

As well as these main costs are smaller expenses to take into account, including jury leave and parental leave and consumables such as tea, coffee, toilet paper etc.

All of these costs add up and let’s not forget staff turnover. When an employee leaves, the costs consumed by your business include payment of accrued leave as well as costs associated with replacing the employee.

This can include temporary employees to fill the role, advertisements for the position, hours for interviewing and recruitment, and ultimately a loss while the new employee is trained and inducted into the role.

Depending on the position in question, it can take anywhere from four months to a year for an employee to become adequately productive in their role, and a valuable asset in their position, and for your business.

All of this amounts to one simple point – for kiwi businesses trying to get ahead, outsourcing to Virtual Assistants is the most cost effective way to fuel your business for now, and the future.


What Can A Virtual Assistant Do?

Virtual Assistants / Virtual Assitants NZ / Hire Virtual AssistantsYour Virtual Assistant will be thoroughly competent in carrying out a broad range of tasks efficiently and professionally. These tasks will include but will not be limited to;

  • Creation and management of e-mail campaigning using tools such as Gmail, Outlook and more
  • Project management including utilising applications such as Podio, MindJet, Teamwork PM and Bitrix.
  • Customer service including handling both in and outbound communication via phone, email and text.
  • Management of your calendar including scheduling meetings and tasks, co-ordinating itineraries and travel plans and taking transcriptions of meetings and voicemails.
  • Research, data mining/entry
  • Sales and Marketing including market research, appointment setting and generating reports.
  • Basic bookkeeping and financial management including invoicing, quoting and accounting functions using applications such as Xero, Quickbooks, Quote Roller, Quotient, etc.
  • Management of social media utilising tools such as BufferApp, Instant Customer, HootSuite, etc.
  • Organisation and hosting of webinars including creating quality presentations and other audio and visual material for these.
  • Management of websites including blog posting, adding pages and most other functions necessary.

The application that we supply as part of your package gives you instant access to your Virtual Assistant, so that you can continue to do business on the go!

Simply speak directly to the app and your assistant can handles tasks, dictate notes or handle any other issues that you might need dealt with.

No matter what your needs, a Virtual Assistant will be able to work with you to help you to run your business as efficiently as possible.


Why Choose Virtual Staff?Virtual Assistants / Virtual Assitants NZ / Hire Virtual Assistants

Choosing whether to employ office staff or to outsource is an important business decision. If you decide that a Virtual Assistant is the best choice for your company, then you should choose a professional, New Zealand based team that can guide you. We have seen the benefits of hiring great people, but have also seen the drawbacks. Outsourcing gives you a great opportunity to find reliable, capable staff without the risks associated with taking chances on office staff. Our Virtual Assistant Services provides quality staff that you can rely on, leaving you more time to commit to your other tasks.

Our team at Virtual Staff have extensive experience working with businesses in New Zealand, Australia and around the world to give them access to the amazing benefits of outsourcing! This means that we have abundant experience in finding the best, quality staff for your business needs, and because we are an Auckland based company with a team in the Philippines, we have the skills to not only match you with a great assistant, but also to  oversee that match and ensure that everything goes smoothly. Our experienced team will become your complete HR team – managing everything from payroll to leave as well as ensuring that your Virtual Assistant is up to date with the latest skills and training needed to succeed in your business.

If you want to work with a professional company with a longstanding reputation for delivering exceptional, cost-effective staff, then download our eBook to learn about the ‘101 things’ our Virtual Assistant services can do to help your business, put its best foot forward.

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How much will I pay each month?

Virtual Assistants range from $4 – $12 per hour but it depends on what you want them to do. Get a 100% FREE customised Salary report by answering a few quick questions.