Happy Staff

“Some say you can’t mix business with pleasure. I disagree! Working at home makes my bedroom my own office, my kitchen as boardroom and I can even see my dogs and family while working. I’ve just created the life I want. ”

Dan Visto

“Since I decided to work from home. I can now enjoy every holiday and be with my family 24/7. Nothing compares to the time and effort well spent on your family rather than going to work and traveling. Being a VA is not an easy job but it totally pays off by spending time with them. I will never trade this job to any other job.”

Kristine Ramos

“Being a mother of 4 Active Kids, being a Virtual Assistant has helped me not just in finding a career but being able to balance work and family life at the same time…I am now able to monitor them and be with them in times that they need me immediately…”

Menchie Ilagan

“Being a remote Personal Assistant (one of the things you can do long-term as a Virtual Assistant) is a refreshing change from my work in the BPO industry for over 10 years. Not only did I find more time to be around my family, I also found the time to really start getting to know myself, and redeem the time I’ve missed on being a housewife and a hands-on mom.

There are pros and cons in working from home, however, in my case – the pros dramatically outweigh the cons! I’ve had big pay checks and healthcare benefits in my previous work life doing the 16-hour job including travelling to and fro work – but they were necessary at the time. Just think about it: it’s the extra money that you really work for – more money to buy clothes, dine in restaurants or satisfy any material craving; a healthcare benefit as you’d likely get sick often and sometimes end up really sick in a hospital!

My work as an assistant to a mortgage adviser is not a play in the park. It requires a lot of focus and dedication in learning new skills and gaining new knowledge about the world of mortgage in New Zealand. In the real world, I would need some degree in Finance, Accounting or even Economics to do my job. However, as VA – you now have the opportunity to achieve goals beyond expectation! You’re not somebody’s “employee”; you’re a “Business Partner”. That’s what makes life as a VA a worthy investment of my talents and skills! ”

Peach Gerida