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Going For Broke: How a Virtual Assistant Will Transform Your Work as a Mortgage Broker

Mortgage Broker Assistants

Hiring a Virtual Personal Assistant is a fantastic way to add reliable staffing to your business in a way that is cost-effective and consistent. Virtual Staff’s Virtual Assistant program seeks to help Kiwis and Filipinos do the best work, so that everyone can reap the benefits.

If you want to nurture and develop your Mortgage Broker business to its full capability, then talk to Virtual Staff about hiring your very own Virtual Personal Assistant, with the support of a New Zealand company that you can rely on.


How Was Virtual Staff Established?

With securing full-time employees becoming a more difficult and complicated process, Kiwi businesses were finding it difficult to get off the ground. This eventually led potential business owners to feel hesitant about launching their own businesses and ultimately resulted in a lot of would-be business owners opting not to go into business for themselves.

Employing in-house staff can be a difficult and anxious process, especially when one considers the lengthy process required to recruit each staff member, as well as the variables involved. When a business is finding its feet it can be tricky to commit to a full-time employee for the long term. Financial obstacles such as ACC levies alone can also be scary when you are a new business person, and can be enough to put someone off starting.

Mortgage Broker Virtual AssistantFor Virtual Staff Founder, Stephen Martin, these issues were what prompted his decision to consider offshore outsourcing. After much trial and error, Stephen was able to build his business and employ six full time contracted staff members, all based offshore. These ‘my virtual assistant’ staff members were capable, trained persons with great work ethics which allowed his business to provide him with solid cash flow within 12 months.

Hiring Virtual Personal Assistants also meant Stephen was not burdened with the responsibility of housing staff in an office or providing office supplies. This also allowed him to work from home more and save money on overhead costs and office supplies. Research and experimenting with available technologies also helped Stephen to identify the right tools that would allow him to communicate with his ‘my virtual assistant’ most efficiently and consequently, improve productivity levels. These small but significant benefits added up to outsourcing becoming a fantastic choice for Stephen, and for other small Kiwi businesses.

Stephen’s positive experience inspired him to open Virtual Staff; a program which would help Kiwi businesses to access a Virtual Personal Assistant and reap the same benefits that he had experienced. Virtual Staff came into fruition from a desire to see Kiwi businesses flourish, and feel safe and confident working with Virtual Assistants.

Virtual Staff’s thorough recruitment program includes comprehensive testing to ensure that the right staff member is matched to the right position. By helping to facilitate correct and through recruiting, Kiwi businesses can benefit from the amazing possibilities that outsourcing can offer.

Making the choice to outsource to a Virtual Personal Assistant is an important decision to your business and one that should be backed by an experienced New Zealand based company that can help make the transition as smooth as possible. Outsourcing with Virtual Staff provides a fantastic opportunity for you to find competent staff for your broker business without the gambles that can be associated with hiring office staff.

Because Virtual Staff arose out of personal experience working with Virtual Assistants, you can rest assured that the team at Virtual Staff are exceptionally experienced at finding the best, quality staff to suit your broker business. And, because we are an Auckland based company with a team located in the Philippines, we are not only able to provide a great assistant, but also oversee the placement to ensure ongoing quality.


Why Hire a ‘My Virtual Assistant’?

Outsourcing is a fantastic way to save your time and money – a crucial asset when you are running a small business. By delegating small, menial tasks to a Virtual Personal Assistant, you have more time to focus on expanding your client base and generating genuine mortgage leads and building your business.

Because mortgage brokers have to actively engage with borrowers, lenders and property owners face to face, there can often be little time left over for other administrative tasks. A Virtual Mortgage Assistant can be a fantastic way to get all of those tasks done that don’t require a physical presence, freeing you up to do the tasks that do require a real live person.

Because the success of a mortgage broker relies so much on building rapport and establishing good relations, outsourcing your smaller everyday tasks can be a fantastic way to free up your time to focus on developing connections and engaging with genuine leads. Being a broker inevitably means handling basic tasks such as handling information, organising loan applications and providing seamless transactions for your clients. For errands such as these you don’t need a warm body – you need a Virtual Personal Assistant who can relieve you of these responsibilities while still handling them with the same efficiency and attention to detail as you would if you managed the tasks yourself.


So What Can a Virtual Mortgage Assistant Do?

Mortgage Broker AssistantYour Virtual Mortgage Assistant will undertake your administrative tasks such as;

  • Managing your inbox including clearing spam, answering simple queries and highlighting important emails
  • Managing your Facebook and Linkedin pages, keeping them up to date and managing connections
  • Customer Service including handling inbound and outbound communication via phone, email and text
  • Creating forms and spreadsheets
  • Calendar management including scheduling tasks and meetings
  • Managing customer information and organising it to ensure information is tidy and accessible
  • Loan document management – keeping online files updated and ensuring that the lender receives files
  • Refixing loans – sending out reminder emails and following up passed loans
  • Executing campaigns including the creation and management of email campaigning using tools such as Gmail, Outlook and more. Your Virtual Assistant can also keep in touch with clients and work on building potential lead lists
  • CRM Updating
  • Updating your website


What Are the Other Benefits?

  • No long term contracts
  • No ACC, PAYE or Kiwisaver contributions to deal with
  • We take care of the recruitment with our thorough and proven process, in order to match the correct candidate for your business.
  • Your Virtual Personal Assistant will be comprehensively trained in the latest technologies including Xero, Google Apps, Voxer, Office and more!
  • Your Virtual Assistant will be committed and competent in handling your issues in real-time
  • Your Virtual Assistant will be familiar with local New Zealand phone numbers and cities around your location
  • Outsourcing can cost you as little as a quarter of the costs associated with employing staff in-house.
  • Your Virtual Assistant will work out of their home office, meaning you don’t have to supply or finance office overhead or supplies.


As well as gaining a competent, capable ‘my virtual assistant’ you will also gain support from a New Zealand based company that you can depend on. Our specialised team of Human Resource operatives are trained and experienced in overseeing your staff member in the Philippines to give you continuous peace of mind.

Here at Virtual Staff, we not only sell you a service – we believe in it. Hiring your very own ‘My Virtual Assistant’ is an extraordinary option for business brokers who have administrative tasks that do not require a real live, New Zealand based contact person – tasks such as these need to be handed by a capable person who is efficient and professional.

Our team is dedicated to giving every Kiwi mortgage broker this wonderful opportunity to help you gain back your precious time, and save you money.

If you are looking for a Mortgage Broker Assistants Grab our free interview here on how one added $100,000 in income to his business here.

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How much will I pay each month?

Virtual Assistants range from $4 – $12 per hour but it depends on what you want them to do. Get a 100% FREE customised Salary report by answering a few quick questions.