Why a Virtual Assistant?

In your business, your best role is being in front of more clients, not organising direct debit changes or organising appointments in your calendar.

You grow your business by getting out networking and providing excellent service that leads to referrals. A virtual assistant can take away any jobs that can be done on a computer and via phone. From booking client reviews to a variety of tedious admin tasks.

“We chose to get a virtual assistant to take away some of the repetitive admin tasks that face all insurance advisers. It allows us to better serve our clients and solves a big need.”

Ann Andrews, Professional Speaker

Our Mission

The Philippines is full of smart, university educated, english speaking people who struggle to find work. Many travel 1 – 3 hours each way daily to get to a job.

Our mission is not to only give time back to you but to the people of the Philippines to spend with their families. Our staff either work from home or from our local offices based in smart locations near housing subdivisions. You are not only helping your business but also a family.

The 3 Core Sets of Tasks


In your busy day it can be hard to organise a newsletter to your customers, create a survey asking for referrals, making sure your CRM is updated, let alone your social media & your website. Train your virtual assistant to take them off your hands.


In any business the best place to remove your time from is admin. Virtual Assistants force you to write down systems that can be actioned in your business. Not only does this give you time to do what you should be but adds true long term value to your business through written systems.


Looking after your current clients is easier then getting new ones. Let your assistant make them feel like kings and queens. By running our customer retention systems. Not only will it lead to more sales, but happier clients.

What is the investment?

With each new client we do a comprehensive admin audit to work out what you need when it comes to a virtual assistant. We manage the entire process from recruitment to payroll and leave so you can focus on what matters.

recruitementRecruitment and Induction

Getting started is the most important part. We have a customised induction portal to train coach you on everything from creating the brief for our recruitment team all the way through to working with your assistant and the tools we recommend.


Our team will help you along the way and manage the recruitment process which includes advertising, screening, testing and finally interviewing the candidates by your side. We look after you from start to hire to make it a super easy process.


Our rate varies depending on the level of person you require for example remote or based in one of our offices. When we meet with you we will talk through your specific needs to find the right person and placement that fits your budget and needs.

In your admin audit (in person or on the phone) we will go in to more detail about our process and pricing.

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