What countries do you work with?

We work with clients mainly in New Zealand (and sometimes Australia) to hire Philippines based virtual assistants. If you know someone in another country though feel free to refer them.


How does paying staff work?
You work direct with your virtual assistant in the Philippines and pay them directly. We show you the tools we use to pay staff at the best rate. This keeps our clients happy as well as our Virtual Assistants.


Why did you start this business?
Over the last 5 years, we have been working with full-time outsourced staff overseas. We have seen the benefits of having the right people. We’ve also seen the pitfalls of hiring, that’s why we started this business. We wanted to give others the same opportunities with less risk.


Can you provide custom training?
We teach you how to manage your virtual staff member using the lessons we have learned over 8 years. We are able to create custom trainings on an hourly rate that fit into our system. To learn what I mean by ‘our system’ have a watch of this free training.


What if I don’t have systems for them to follow?
You are not alone. As part of our recruitment fee we include a set of initial trainings on everything from – New Zealand places, language and dates through to communication and learning processes.

We start you out on a strong footing. The software we recommend is free to use and may even work for training in your current business with local staff (many clients have used it for this as well).

Do you have contract terms for staff?
As the staff member works with you direct, it will depend on what we put in the contract. It standardly is a 2 – 4 week process. If your team member does not work out in the first 3 months we will rehire at no extra charge.


Do you hire full time, part time staff or hourly staff?
We hire both part-time & full-time staff. We hire to your needs and what you are after and will give you advice based on your needs. We have over 8 years experience in hiring and managing staff so can be a great resource for you. The only staff we don’t hire is hourly.


How does training work?
The staff we hire are found to match your needs so they will come prepared with the skill sets you need. We up skill them on common software like email, Xero and our great communication tools. We are able to offer additional custom training at your request for a cost that you could only dream of in New Zealand!


How do I communicate with my staff members?
We recommend a certain platform to our clients that we have had great feedback on that we share with you. Along with an app like WhatsApp for daily communication. It is like your virtual assistant is in your pocket as you can send them text, image and voice messages at the touch of a button. Even the occasional emoji.


What if I need HR or support once my recruitment is complete?
We have a fully trained team at your disposal in the Philippines who can handle HR, Accounts, Training and other needs. We are here at a as needed basis at a low hourly rate of $50 + GST for our experts.