Cost To Value of an Employee


I was recently speaking at a tour that the great Tony Vidler was running for an insurance & mortgage group. It was filled with pearls of wisdom, until I found a graph that spoke true to what we do.

It is about the cost to value of an employee. Many business owners, whether working with a local or virtual assistant have the belief that you turn on a tap and a staff member is automatically profitable.

Sadly, this is not the case. In all business, new staff have so much to learn, understand and integrate that the first 3 months are usually a negative on the business.

This is because you have to take some of your productive time (if you don’t have other staff to train them) to get them up to speed.

After this time, they become a truly productive member of your team and fly forward to give you the success you want.

Some do this quicker and some take a touch longer. I wanted to share this graph as it is important to understand to be honest with yourself and make sure your expectations are on par with what is happening.


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