How a Virtual Assistant Can Help you Score a 4-Hour Workweek

Taking emphasis off of the recent “get rich quick” trend, Timothy Ferriss’s book The 4-Hour Workweek is a breath of fresh air that instead hones in on entrepreneurial efficiency, streamlined processes and automated system management in order to minimise hands-on time and increase mobility both on and off the clock. At its core, Ferriss’s book […]

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4 Ways a Real Estate Virtual Assistant Can Help Grow Your Business

Whether in your own private practice or as part of an established real estate firm, when it comes to the real estate market, managing multiple clients, showing, stagings, and an endless pile of legalities can be overwhelming.  Oftentimes, minor tasks can either fall by the wayside and interfere with your professionalism, or consume your valuable […]

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Top 10 Tasks For Property Manager Virtual Assistant

Managers choosing to hire a Virtual  Executive Assistant, we thought it was time to do a Top 10 list of what services help property managers the most! Key tasks you can outsource to your own Virtual Executive Assistant:

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Palace Software Review – Property Management Software

Are you a property manager looking for trust accounting software? Palace might be just what you are looking for. Palace Software is the leader in Property Management software in New Zealand. They are a local company that has doubled in size in just the last year alone. A good sign indeed. The software features some […]

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6 Myths About Outsourced Virtual Staff

Outsourced staffing is a rising trend in the US and Europe, but globally, outsourcing is also a hiring strategy that excites controversy between HR execs and labour bureaus. But when it comes to your next round of hires for your growing company, you may actually have more options than you realize thanks to the modern […]

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Rapportive For Virtual Assistants Review

Rapportive for Virtual Assistants

Gadget of the week. Great tool for you or your Virtual Assistant to make sure you are connecting with people on LinkedIn. This is simple, easy and able to be leveraged by a Virtual Assistant. That is my type of tool. Enjoy this Rapportive Review and how to!

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