Our mission

Do you ever feel you are doing the tasks you shouldn’t be doing? That your time is getting eaten up by busy work? That you don’t have enough time to work on your business as you are stuck in it?

Many business owners struggle to release themselves from menial tasks that keep them trapped. Our philosophy is ‘Time is your greatest asset’.

It can be frustrating, painful and sometimes can lead to you looking through the job pages on TradeMe.

Our mission is to reduce stress & help companies find the right assistant for them and their way of working.

How we started

Virtual Staff itself was founded over a cup of coffee in an Auckland coffee shop.

Stephen, our founder was working with one of his clients and picked up his phone. He sent a voice message to his assistant in the Philippines to complete a task and the person across the tables eyes lit up. “What’s that?”, he asked.

After explaining that he had a virtual personal assistant that helped him manage his day and tasks he knew he should not be doing, they were hooked.

We helped them hire their first assistant and we were away.

Where are we now?

Since that day, we have helped place 100’s of virtual assistants with business owners in need to help them get more done.

We have learned many lessons, built easy-to-use systems and learned how to match the right people together to get success.

We have a system that helps us find & you select just the right candidate for the role and ease them into working with you over a 3-month onboarding program.

Since the early days we help Kiwi’s find both local (NZ Based) and offshore (Philippines) support depending on your needs.

Giving opportunities in this new way of working and providing jobs for people who may have struggled to find them.

Corporate Responsibility

After working for many years in the Philippines, we knew that it is a country filled with amazing people, loyal, family oriented and caring.

We have made a commitment to give back to the community of those in need by donating 5% of every recruitment to initiatives in the community.

Our staff look for opportunities to help and we give them funding to make a difference.

Every time you hire someone or refer us, please know that you are making a difference to someone less fortunate than yourself.

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