A Day In The Life Of A Mortgage Adviser

Day In The Life Of A Mortgage Adviser

A good mortgage broker should have an outgoing personality and a desire to be helpful. Mortgage brokers must also be able to explain financial concepts and provide clients with information on how a mortgage works and what clients can do to improve their credit and become eligible for better mortgage rates.

Aside from that, mortgage brokers must have a background in sales,bank or marketing. He must be familiar with credit reporting and credit worthiness criteria. Since this job is also about money, one should be proficient in mathematics and most importantly, has a great verbal and writing communication skills.

Seems easy? Well, if you want to become a successful mortgage adviser you should be ready to have longer hours of work and to be patient. Being patient is the key in this kind of field. Imagine yourself searching for a lender willing to work with the prospective borrower through referrals, leads, online or in person.

There are times you will be rejected in so many ways. You’ve tried so hard but the clients still say NO. Things like that are just normal. Do not lose your hope.

Another thing is, there are clients who are not available during the 8 to 5 work time, So, mortgage advisers most of the time conduct their mortgage work on nights and weekends. Mortgage advisers must therefore accommodate their customers’ schedules. Often the customers are researching rate quotes after work, so being available to them could mean the difference between getting a sale or not.

A day of a Mortgage Adviser usually revolves around a diary. They can’t be late for a few minutes because all your appointments will be affected. Usually, Mortgage advisers go to work at 8am. First things first is to catch up on their email, take note of some important details for his meeting later. After that is to attend a meeting between him and the staff, just to keep them updated about the latest marketing strategies or the up to date news about mortgage industry. If all of that are finished, it’s time to meet up with their prospects. After the meeting, all information must be stored in the CRM for his reference. Go to the other meeting, create a database until he finished all his appointments for that day.

8pm time to go home. There are still interested leads wanted to know more information this mortgage advisers will compose an email, check his schedule, etc.

Now, would you still want to become a mortgage adviser?

Why not? You see, there’s a lot of opportunities in this field. You have the chance to meet a lot of people, learn new things and expand your connections. You cannot get all of that with any jobs. It is definitely tiring and toxic. Tiring because not all mortgage advisers know how to delegate. If patience is the key to this field, so as delegation.

Delegating work can lessen the things that you ALWAYS do. Including admin work, updating CRM, checking your calendar etc. These things are easy but a pains in the arse. A lot of mortgage advisers admitted that they cannot pursue their leads because of tons and tons of paperworks in their table, emails and phone calls are everywhere.

Meet Rupert Gough, he is a mortgage adviser and got himself a virtual assistant. Now, he can go on to meetings without worrying about taking notes or even updating the CRM. All admin work is done by his reliable virtual assistant.

Here’s what Rupert has to say:

“Stephen and his team are highly professional, quick to respond and fantastic to do business with. They don’t set and forget; the service quality is maintained throughout the length of the relationship. I recommend my friends and co-workers to Virtual Staff every time I get a chance. They have transformed my ability to do business. Anyone who is time short, needs to talk to Stephen now.”

Remember, you can do anything but not everything. If you wish to have more information about what we do and how we do it please feel free to send us an email or give us a bell.

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