5 Designs That Make You Money

What is that?

Are they actually in business.

Have you ever had a company trying to win your business, that when you look at their email, website or social media profiles you wonder if they are still in business?

First impressions count. Many prospects make their decisions about you after visiting some of your key assets. So it makes sense to invest in them to win business.

Today I want to talk about 3 types of graphics that can lead to more clients in your business.

Social Media Quotes

These are the graphics you see pop up on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and similar sites that really pop. Maybe they touch a nerve and you press like or share. Smart companies use well-branded sharing graphics to stay in front of mind, get their brand in front of new clients and drive business.

A great graphic marketed well can get 1,000’s of eyeballs for a low cost to develop.

Report Covers

Have you ever seen a box on a website to join a newsletter. Some may look stark and uninviting. By adding a simple free report, checklist or other download you can get some great attraction.

They should be short to the point and should snap and all importantly must have a great cover graphic designed to show the value instantly. To learn more about creating the content have a watch on Nicholas talk through.

Email Signatures

Some of the least used real estate in your marketing arsenal maybe your email signature. If you are anything like me I can send up to 100 emails in a busy day. That is up to 500 emails a week (as I love my weekends).

So are you putting call to actions, valuable tips about what you do or showing new developments in your business in your email signature?

A good example is this WWF employee. Why not remind people what you do with a well placed donate button! What could you offer in your signature?

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