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Ever wondered how much a Full or Part-Time Filipino virtual assistant might cost each month?

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Like a local recruitment company, we act in a similar way.

We learn about your needs, give you advice on the right package to offer and if an assistant will fit your style of culture (some may not) .

We source the candidates, screen them, organise Zoom interviews and help you select a great candidate.

We have contracts for you to use & help your new team member get a few learnings about working with Kiwi companies under their belt. If you ever need support you can hire our team as your outsourced HR Advisers.

At Virtual Staff we have placed 100’s of assistants in companies all over New Zealand to help them grow.

We also do those little one off or regular tasks that you just want off your plate. The great thing is as you give your self more time, you are helping someone feed there family. It truly is win-win.

Reviews From Our Clients

We love hearing from our awesome clients

robert“ This company changed my business forever. It came at just the right time and helped me accelerate my business to new heights. They literally added over $100,000 per year to my income. All while helping give someone in need a job. ”

 – Rupert Gough, Velocity Financial

michael-cave“ The team at Virtual Staff have been fantastic. They are very helpful. The recruitment process is very straightforward. The tools that they provide are very effective. The overall process has been helpful.

Most importantly, having a virtual assistant has really helped my business immensely, by providing another staff member who can lighten the load, helped us to do things we have never done before and achieve greater results for our clients. ”

 – Michael Cave, Cave Financial Services

mat-page“ I have been using an Adviser Assistant from Virtual Staff for some time now, and have been really happy with the service.

They were able to match someone who suits what I am doing in business, and giving me more time during my week to do the most important things, which are being able to go out and see more clients, which ultimately helps more people become financially secure, and helps my business to generate more revenue.

I would recommend anyone struggling under the administration burden to invest in yourself, and your business and talk to these guys today. ”

 – Mat Page, Financial Design Group

“Wow – Just Wow – Great work so much better than I ever expected”

 – Louise Collis

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